About us

Inspired by the beach  lifestyle, travels, surf, the wild nature, the love for adventures, the moon, and tides the femininity and spirit. 

Mare de Amore born in the beautiful Mexican shores and seas… to bring to all the mermaids out there pieces 100% handmade using natural fabrics, and sea treasures. Comfy beachwear to enjoy and match your outside with your inside... 

This handmade crochet bikinis and beachwear are designed for the unique girls that believe in their dreams and always live life to the fullest, the sun kissed spirits, the wild souls always in search for new adventures, girls how like to roam and got the fire of life in every step they made. 

The sea is my biggest inspiration, the foam, the sand, the colors in the sky every time the sun rise and sets, the simple things that made this life and amazing paradise on earth. I design for the girl that its not afraid to be unique, vibrant, active, sexy, fun, that is connect to our mother nature in  such deep way that inspires.

 This lovely pieces of love are made to travel with you, to bring hope and happinest to your life, to be part of your history. 

So Believe in the beauty of your dreams... and thank you for let us be part of your journey xxx

Marina Lopez xxx